Red Rose Tea A History of a Classic

Red Rose A History of a Classic

A History of a Classic


The origins of Red Rose can be traced to Atlantic Canada over 100 years ago, when Theodore Harding Estabrooks was born in Wicklow, New Brunswick in 1861.In 1894 Estabrooks opened the doors to his own business on Dock Street in Saint John, blending and packing teas that would offer his customers the highest quality beverage experience cup after cup. The idea of a pre-blended and packaged tea was innovative, and the business quickly expanded throughout Atlantic Canada and, eventually, into the United States as well.


Many Canadian tea lovers fondly remember the collectable porcelain figurines featured in packages of Red Rose in the 1960’s and 70’s. These miniatures were produced in two series and were quickly snatched up by enthusiastic collectors.The two Canadian series focused on animal and nursery rhyme themes and remain highly collectable items.


For a tea with such a rich history, Red Rose has moved and changed with the times. A decaffeinated tea was added for those who wanted to enjoy the classic taste with almost no caffeine.When Canadians want to share a warm cup of quality tea with friends and family, they still reach for a box of Red Rose, as many past generations have done before. It goes without saying that we think Theodore Estabrooks would be as proud of his tea blend today as he was over 100 years ago.